Copy and Pasta

Copy and Pasta is the sort of anti-thesis to my Juliette’s Recipe’s website. The inspiration was to go back to the very simple cookbooks from the 1950s and 1960s, with recipes presented in collection-style: being categorized and displayed together. With the design thus based purely on typography, I needed a distinct, custom typeface as the only element carrying the site’s visual identity. The result is based on the reworking of my Juli typeface.

It also lent itself to a style of website that is also NOT broken up into individual pages, but instead an “single page web-app” style website, in which all content is loaded dynamically via AJAX. Maintaining the backbutton functionality was important, and done by making use of the fact that adding hashes to a URL creates an entry in the pages history, and therefore can be accessed via the back and forward buttons (and even be bookmarked). If no Javascript is enabled, copy and pasta still functions as a standard php-based website, which also helps to improve Search Engine Optimisation.

The website uses a MySQL database, and has a clever, simple content management system backend to the site to quickly add, edit or delete recipes.
Copy and Pasta screenshots


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