MZ is a collaborative project, in which my role was to take existing HTML pages and — very generally speaking — get them ready for the web. While originally the goal was just to finish a few things and clean up the code, it ended up a lot more involved, starting with developing an identity and brand for the site, mainly through a custom typeface, and two vector-graphic-turned pen-and-paper drawing cartoon characters.

While the website does not build pages from information stored in databases, I still migrated the original individual-pages website to php, in order to better manage individual building blocks, such as headers, footer, and navigational elements, as well as displaying URLs more cleanly and SEO friendly.

We also implemented google ad-sense and also google analytics. To make the advertisements truly dynamic, I added a little Javascript, which—when the viewport size or orientation changes—automatically updated and re-draws ads on the fly. Learn German Tips Content Management System
In addition to adding a dynamic and mobile friendly layout for the site, Learn German Tips also features a version control- and quick-edit backend, with which the author can make quick edits to the site (like fixing links, adding new resources, etc.), as well as restore previously made edits.
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