Lügenhold & Lügenbold

Lügenhold & Lügenbold was a 2010 picture book project. Resurrected for 2016, the picture book made a come-back as a sample specimen for the Blockschrift typeface.


Written in German verse, the idea was to create a picture book consisting of one or two verses per accompanying illustration. The cole drawings and writings developed hand in hand, but the verse was eventually lost in a tumultuous personal time in the fall of 2011. Several attempts at remembering, re-creating or re-writing the story have since failed, and the project long served to illustrate nothing more but the failure of a good idea. All sketches were done in coal on paper, a medium I deemed appropriate for the dark and gritty nature of the tale.


In 2016, after the aforementioned series of failures to re-recreate the original verse, I went a new direction and composed entirely new verses. Based on the disappointment that has long been inherently associated with the project, the tone changed to be even darker, making it a different story altogether—albeit one still being based on the original cole drawings.


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