Schriftco is an extensive project that serves to both display and showcase the typefaces I designed, as well as guide you through the world of web-fonts.

Originating as a final projects for university, I proposed to make a website that will make a case for the importance of using custom fonts on the web, utilizing my own fonts.

Aside from displaying, sampling and showcasing the typefaces I designed, the goal of was to explain the usage of web typography to fellow students—as it pertains to the visual and artistic effect it has on overall branding and feel of an online identity, as well as the technical methods involved in delivering the fonts. It was important to me to aim this at fellow web development students, because while typography on the web is generally briefly discussed in most literature, I feel a stronger focus could and should be placed on it.

The website features not only webfonts to all my typefaces, but also extensive Javascript-based functionality to test and try each one in the browser.

A later addition is the completely redesigned mobile interface for the website, developed specifically for easy and one-handed navigation.

For this project I am serving up HTML5 via php on apache, styling with CSS preprocessed by SASS and JQuery based Javascript—as well as GIT for version control. screenshots


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