Tres Joses Tex Mex

The website for the now closed Tres Joses Tex Mex restaurant from 2010 was one of the first commercial websites I made, but one which still carries great visual appeal today.

I was tasked with creating a web-presence from scratch, and was given complete creative freedom. The result was a great branding, playing off the off-beat nature of the restaurant itself, with as many different quirky fonts as possible, as I created almost every visual element from scratch. I also made three 3D mascots in “Animation Master” of the pre-existing logo.

I also provided the owner a method to make quick updates to his site's news and specials sections, by linking in a blogger-blog, as well as gather feedback from customers via a survey tool.

In addition, I later designed various print advertisements, as well as table-top displays, and worked with the owner on coming up with specials and promotions.

While the restaurant, like most other startups in the restaurant business, didn't make it in the end, Tres Joses was a fun project, with lots of great visual appeal, and learn HTML and CSS.


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